Best Kitchen Faucets for Life


Plenty of faucet brands have a great reputation, but range quality matters and professional shops are always a best bet.

Grohe has an excellent reputation. The high-end design/build company I worked for used them by far the most. Kohler also makes good quality stuff that's somewhat cheaper. Dornbracht, Hansgrohe, Elkay and a few others made regular appearances as well.

The essential part is to avoid plastic inner materials. They can put all the flashy brushed steel or nickel on the outside they want, but if it doesn't have good solid brass inside, it won't last.

Buy from a plumbing supply shop. This means you don't buy from Home Depot or Lowe's or any other site like this. You may need a plumber to buy it for you depending on the place. The pro models will have more brass and chrome and less plastic.

The google hit's won't do local plumbing stores.... your better bet is to ask a HVAC (northeast), or plumber where to purchase from a local distributor.

I bought a faucet for my parents from HomeDepot 2 years ago, it's leaking and needs to be replaced...250$

In my house we got on from a company called Redlon and Johnson (now Ferguson), for $350, 8 years ago..still going strong.

Moen is pretty good stuff. Warranty is great. I have 25 year old Moen faucets in my house with no issues. My most recent came as the result of a kitchen remodel. Nothing wrong with the old one except the finish and style didn't match our new decor. Bought it st Lowe's.

Buy the top of the line Kohler and it will last and Moen Professional.

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