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Flavor Hacks: Best Vanilla Extract Substitute?

Vanilla extract is extracted from the seeds and pods of orchids that belong to the genus vanilla. If you don't have any on hand, here are a few substitutes that you can use in place of vanilla extract.

Vanilla Extract Substitutes

Maple Syrup

One of the best substitutes for vanilla extract...

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Best Meringue Powder Substitute?

One of the most convenient methods of making meringue is to use meringue powder. It’s also safer and more convenient than whipping some up with the use of egg whites because it doesn’t have the threat of salmonella contamination. However, this ingredient isn’t available everywhere and can’t really b...

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Spice Hacks: Best Arrowroot Substitute?

Arrowroot is a type of starch mostly obtained from tropical plants such as tapioca or cassava. It is mostly used for making biscuits, puddings, jellies, cakes, and a plethora of sauces. Arrowroot is a famous example of a gluten-free starch and an excellent thickener. Its natural flavor means that it...

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Confectioners Sugar vs Powdered Sugar

A lot of newbies in the baking world often get confused when they see "confectioners' sugar" and "powdered sugar", but actually these two are the exact same thing!

Confectioners sugar and powdered sugar are terms that refer to the same type of sugar. Another name this type of sugar is icing sugar. ...

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Baking Hacks: Best Turbinado Sugar Substitute?

Turbinado ss a special type of brown sugar. Turbinado sugar is processed in a centrifuge to remove a certain amount of its molasses content which makes it partially refined, or “almost raw”. ugar iThis process is why it is called Turbinado, a derivative of the Spanish word “turbina”.

Turbinado suga...

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Baking Hacks: Best Coconut Flour Substitute?

If you’re trying to avoid gluten or want a more nutritious option than just plain old wheat flour, coconut flour is a great ingredient and offers a lot more when it comes to other nutrients and fiber. Coconut flour has a subtle essence of coconut, but mild enough to use it with other ingredients wit...

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Spice Hacks: Lime Zest Substitute

Just like lemon zest, lime zest is made by cutting, scraping, or grating the outer layer of its peel. Lime zest is mostly used in Thai-based curries or desserts like Key Lime Pie, but it is most popular in Sri-Lankan cuisine.

Like other citrus fruits, limes provide a citrus flavor without the disti...

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Spice Hacks: Best Crème Fraiche Substitute?

Crème Fraiche is a French decadent custard-like cream with a subtle tang. It makes a wonderful base for sauces or even as whip cream replacements for cakes and pastries. It's high-fat content and unpasteurized cream base accounts for its buttery and delicate flavor

Crème Fraiche Substitutes


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Baking 101: Cacao vs. Cocoa

Cacao and cocoa are terms often interchanged by many people. However, there is a definite difference between the two.

Cacao refers to the plant or beans and is the main ingredient of chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and other products. They are often priced and categorized based on aroma and...

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Baking Hacks: Best Baking Powder Substitute?

Baking powder is a popular, and versatile component used in cooking, often used as a leavening agent for baked goods. It is often used as a substitute for yeast or baking soda to speed up preparation and cooking times.

Baking powder has an acidic flavor profile and can give an acidic flavor to dish...

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Best Heavy Cream Substitute

Here are some suggestions that will lend the same consistency as heavy cream with only minimally altering the flavors.

Heavy Cream Substitute · Milk and Butter Adding butter to milk provides similar fat content to that of heavy cream. To do this, add 1 part of melted butter to 3 parts of mi...

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