Spice Hacks: Best Cilantro Substitute?


Cilantro, also known as Coriander or Chinese parsley is known for its strong aroma and is an extremely popular ingredient in Latin cuisine. It is a part of the carrot family. Many people are divided over this herb’s flavor as some may love it, but others might find it too overpowering or even soapy. Whether you’ve run out of this ingredient, or just looking for a milder flavor, there are some options that you can check out.

Cilantro Substitutes

Thai Basil

This herb is widely used in Southeast Asian cooking, and this variety is a popular substitute for cilantro. This herb’s flavor is bright and citrusy with licorice notes. Unlike the sweet basil, this herb has a tinge of spice. Similar to cilantro, it does not hold up well to braising and should be added to the dish at the very last minute.

Italian Parsley

Parsley is an herb that is related to cilantro but has a totally different flavor profile. This substitute would be best if used entirely as a garnish as it might change the flavor of your recipe. It does have a slightly bitter taste compa5red to cilantro, but you can compensate with a tiny amount of sugar.


This herb is a close relative of the daisy and is widely used in Mexican cuisine. The flavor of Papalo is described as peppery and is a cross between cucumber and cilantro. You can simply give the leaves a rough chop and add them raw to the dish or use as a garnish. Take note that Papalo is slightly more potent than cilantro, so you may need to use less.

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