Spice Hacks: Best Crème Fraiche Substitute?


Crème Fraiche is a French decadent custard-like cream with a subtle tang. It makes a wonderful base for sauces or even as whip cream replacements for cakes and pastries. It's high-fat content and unpasteurized cream base accounts for its buttery and delicate flavor

Crème Fraiche Substitutes

Sour Cream Sour cream is the American version of Crème Fraiche. Though it has less fat content and has a stronger tangy flavor, sour cream is the easiest and most accessible alternative.

If you are looking to dial down the tangy flavor, you can easily add 1 cup (0.24 l) of heavy cream for every cup of sour cream

Mascarpone Mascarpone is the Italian cream cheese but with a lighter, creamier and sweeter flavor profile. This alternative is best used in deserts as it lacks the tangy zest of Creme Fraiche.

Full Fat Greek Yogurt Full fat Greek yogurt does is significantly lighter than crème fraishe because of its lesser fat content. When using this as a substitute for soups and sauces, make sure to boil over low heat as it may easily curdle. This alternative is best for deserts or dressings because of its high protein and low fat contents.

Homemade Alternative: Heavy Cream and Buttermilk Adding 1 tablespoon of buttermilk to a cup of heavy cream will give you a similar texture and flavor as creme fraiche. SImply combine the two ingredients in a clean jar and let sit in room temperature for 24 hours.

Once thickened, stir completely and refrigerate.

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