Best Fontina Cheese Substitute

Fontina cheese is an intense-flavoring cheese with a distinct, pungent aroma with a high milk fat content. Fontina cheese is a traditional Italian cheese that has gained popularity worldwide for its earthy, woody, and mushroom-like flavor profile and soft texture.

Compared to Swedish and Danish types of fontina cheese, the Italian variant arguably has the most robust flavor, aroma, and texture. The former tends to be milder. However, the rich and creamy flavor that made this cheese famous is present in all variations. Most fontina cheeses have about 45% of milk fat, are gluten-free, and don’t contain any additives.

Since fontina cheese is not as affordable as other cheese types, if a recipe calls for this type of cheese, other substitutes can act as a perfect replacement.

Fontina Cheese Substitutes


While considered pricier than your average cheese, Gouda is more common and considerably cheaper than fontina. Perfect as a wine partner, topping for pasta, salad, as well as fondue. While Gouda is a semi-hard cheese, the texture is somewhat similar which makes up for the different flavor.


Emmental cheese is yet another worthy substitute for fontina due to its nutty, rich, and creamy characteristics. This cheese goes well with fondues, fruits as well as grilled sandwiches, and more. This cheese came from unpasteurized milk, which classifies it hard cheese. Nevertheless, the flavor and texture alone make it a worthy alternative.


Arguably the most common and most used type of cheese in baking, mozzarella is a perfect substitute for fontina, especially for people who prefer a milder flavor and pleasant aroma. While this dish goes well with almost any dish, it stands out as an alternative to fontina cheese. The only downside is that this type of string cheese cannot be aged.

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