Cooking Hacks: Best Gruyere Cheese Substitute?


Gruyère is a popular Swiss table cheese. It is a versatile cheese and is great for fruit and wine parings. Gruyère is often an ingredient for fondue because it easily melts when heated. It has a semi-soft and grainy texture when left in room temperature and has a creamy and distinctly nutty flavor

Gruyère Cheese Substitutes


Emmental cheese is often combined with Gruyère to make traditional fondue. It can be a great alternative to Gruyère because it has the same nutty and creamy flavor profile with hints of fruitiness. Like Gruyère, Emmental cheese melts into a creamy consistency; making it wonderful for casseroles and fondue.


Although slightly firmer than Gruyère and has a higher melting point, this French cheese has the same flavor profile as Gruyère. It is a great alternative, especially for baked recipes.


If you are looking for great melting cheese, Raclette is the perfect alternative for Gruyère. This cheese is best topped melted on vegetables or neutral dishes.

Maasdam or Edam

Maasdam or Edam is as creamy as Gruyère. It is a great and affordable alternative if you are just looking for cheese to pair with wine and dried fruits.

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