Best Horseradish Substitute?


Horseradish is a root vegetable that is in the same family as mustard, wasabi, cabbage, and broccoli. It is also used as a spice in some dishes. This plant is native to southeast Europe and West Asia but has grown in popularity worldwide. This versatile root is enjoyed on its own or mixed into sauces and stews and gives it a kick, which explains why it's so popular amongst adventurous foodies.’

Substitutes for Horseradish


Since Horseradish is an ingredient that is used to substitute for Wasabi, which is also called Japanese horseradish -- then it makes sense that it can be substituted for horseradish because they are from the same family of plants. As a matter of fact, the wasabi that you can find in most grocery stores actually consists of horseradish with some food coloring added to them. A downside of substituting wasabi for horseradish is that it may have a milder heat level than if using horseradish in a dish. You’ll want to use a little more than what the recipe calls for.


Like both horseradish and wasabi, Mustard is related to the same plant species. Although, this one may be a bit trickier as there are many kinds of mustard. When substituting mustard for horseradish, try to avoid sweet and mild ones and aim for the spicy kind. The spiciest and most pure mustard is the best substitute. It may change the flavor that is intended by the original recipe, but it can be used if all you want is the heat level.


Ginger is also a root crop but has a slightly sweeter flavor than of horseradish. This is a useful substitute when you can’t find anything else. Grated fresh ginger is the best when using as a substitute. If there’s any reason that you can’t source fresh ginger, ground ginger or ginger oil can also be used. You’ll need to add a little more than the recipe calls if you’re aiming to get the same spice level that you can get in horseradish.

Horseradish Sauce

If all else fails, horseradish sauce is easily sourced at most grocery stores and it’s a good substitute as they are identical in flavor even though it isn’t fresh. Stock up on this sauce on your next grocery trip and never have a horseradish shortage again.

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