How to Keep Brown Sugar Soft

The best solution for preventing brown sugar to harden is by using an air-tight container. These containers will help maintain its moisture resulting in fresh-tasting goods all the time. The most common materials used for air-tight storages are plastic and glass. Both works effectively but some prefer to use glass to retain the best flavor.

How Do I Soften Brown Sugar?

While using hardened brown sugar can be quite inconvenient, fortunately, there are still ways to get back some of its moisture. Listed below are some of the best ways to soften brown sugar:


Introducing a sprinkle of water into the hard-rock brown sugar can help regain its moisture back. While this process can take days, it is one of the best methods of retaining the freshness and natural moisture of brown sugar.


Sliced bread can be used to draw moisture for brown sugar. Simply placing a slice of white bread into the container and leaving it for a day or two can really make a big difference to hardened brown sugar.


An inexpensive way of bringing back the moisture in brown sugar, marshmallows can provide the moisture that brown sugar needs. Place a piece or two of marshmallows into the storage container, leave it there until the sugar becomes soft enough to be used (or transferred to an air-tight container).

Food Processors

For bakers who are strapped for time and if the food processor is within reach, simply place the hardened brown sugar and blend until finely separated – no additional steps needed.


Another option for people in a hurry. Simply place the solid brown sugar around a moist paper towel and microwave for at least 20 seconds. Time may vary depending on the microwave’s output power.

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