Flavor Hacks: Best Lemongrass Substitute?


Asian cuisine uses a lot of lemongrass because of its health benefits and exceptional flavor. Aside from that, it can effectively enhance the aroma of a dish. So, it’s not a surprise anymore if you use it a lot in your own dish. However, if you find yourself running out of lemongrass, do not worry - there are still kitchen ingredients that can act as a great lemongrass substitute if you can’t run to the nearest grocery store.

Best Lemongrass Substitutes

Best bets: Lemon zest or lemon juice

Kaffir lime leaves

Lemon Zest or Lemon Juice

Lemons are always present in anyone’s kitchen. Hence, it’s handy and extremely beneficial if you don’t have lemongrass anymore. However, it will require a little work because you are required to grind the lemon zest if you want to provide that minty tang lemongrass is best known of. A single stalk of lemongrass is equivalent to one teaspoon of the ground lemon zest and voila! You can now enjoy your citrus-tasting dish.

While lemon juice certainly does not belong to the herbs family, rest assured that it can provide the same aroma and flavor a lemongrass does. All you need to do is to pick some of the leaves from your lemon tree and use it to your dish. You should only use these leaves as your last resort because improper using of lemon tree leaves can eventually ruin your dish.

Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir lime leaves are widely used as a lemongrass alternative because both can produce a minty and citrus flavor when added to the food. Or you can simply use this herb if you want to enhance the existing citrus flavor of your main ingredients. To make the most out of it, we highly recommend that you combine it with lime juice for better results. Since most people do not like the idea of eating the leaf itself, you might want to remove it from your dish before serving to your guests.

Buy Dried Lemongrass, In Small Batches

The next time you’re in the kitchen cooking something, and you run out of lemongrass, do not panic! Check your kitchen around for these alternatives. Most people have a stock of lemons or kaffir lime leaves sitting on their kitchen tables. Use these alternatives in achieving the same result lemongrass can provide when used properly.

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