Spice Hacks: Lime Zest Substitute


Just like lemon zest, lime zest is made by cutting, scraping, or grating the outer layer of its peel. Lime zest is mostly used in Thai-based curries or desserts like Key Lime Pie, but it is most popular in Sri-Lankan cuisine.

Like other citrus fruits, limes provide a citrus flavor without the distinct bitterness of the pith. The zest is great for adding tartness compared to lime juice, but also fragrant as well. It also makes a great seasoning for seafood and Asian stews. Lime zest has health such as Beta-carotene, and antioxidants so it is very handy to keep in one’s diet.

Lime Zest Substitutes

Lemon Oil or Juice

Zest may not always be appropriate since it is mostly used in desserts like Lemon Pie. Lemon oil provides a flavor similar to lemon zest, but a hint stronger. Although do take care when using lemon oil because it’s smell is pungent. Lemon juice, on the other hand, is for adding a tangy taste to fresh foods such as salads or for keeping fruits fresh.

Lime Extract

Lime extract is a great way to capture the intense flavor of limes in liquid form. Usually made from the pure oils of lime zest, it is not only strong, but smells better, and has a longer shelf life compared to Lime zest.

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