Best Molasses Substitute?


Molasses is a dark and sticky sweet syrup that is used in both sweet and savory dishes. It is a common ingredient used in baking cookies and cakes. It is also used for adding flavor and color to savory dishes such as barbecue sauces and meat glaze. In some cases, it is also used as a drizzle over pancakes, stews, and pies.

What do you use if you can’t get your hands on molasses? These are the five best molasses substitutes to choose from.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is the next best thing to use in the absence of molasses. It does not have the same depth of flavor and richness (as well as that thick consistency) but it is the closest substitute when it comes to flavor. When you need a cup of molasses for a recipe, you can replace it with ¾ cup of brown sugar.

Dark Corn Syrup

When it comes to flavor, color, and thickness, dark corn syrup is the best alternative to molasses. This is a great ingredient to use if you don’t mind the fact that this is a processed ingredient.


Honey has the same consistency as molasses, which makes it a great ingredient as molasses substitute. When using honey, you can use it as a replacement using a 1:1 ratio. The only downside to using honey is that you lose that distinct taste that molasses brings to a dish. It might be a good idea to supplement it with other spices.

Maple Syrup

If none of the above ingredients are available, reach for a bottle of maple syrup as molasses substitute. Just like honey, you can use maple syrup as a replacement with a 1:1 ratio as molasses. This is not as processed as dark corn syrup so you can opt for maple syrup instead if you don’t want to use overly processed ingredients.

Granulated Sugar and Water

If you have extra granulated sugar sitting around, you can mix that with water to form a syrup that would make for a great substitute for molasses. You must combine ¾ cup of granulated sugar with ¼ cup of water.

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