Spice Hacks: Best Muscovado Sugar Substitute?


Muscovado sugar is actually not as exotic as you think. It’s basically just another form of brown sugar. If you’re not able to find muscovado sugar in your local store, there are a few alternatives for it.

Muscovado Sugar Substitute


A traditional sweetener that comes from Latin America, Rapadura, sometimes called panela or piloncillo has been used for a very long time. Unlike other unrefined sugars, Rapadura is a sugar with its natural molasses intact. This is because it has not been spin in a centrifuge during the process of sugar making. Rapadura shares the same brown color as muscovado and boasts intense molasses and caramel notes.


A sugar that hails from India, Jaggery is made from two sources -- sugarcane or palm trees. The variant that comes from India is mostly made with sugarcane and the one made from palm tree is usually found in Myanmar. There are some slight differences in color and flavor in terms of these two varieties, but this sugar is an excellent substitute for Muscovado sugar. Use the same amount as your recipe calls for.

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