Best Mustard Powder Substitute?


Ground mustard is one of the most common seasonings for a number of dishes such as meatloaf and lamb chops. Many dips, sauces, and vinaigrettes also include a fair amount of mustard in them. Honey mustard is one example and can be both a dipping sauce and a marinade.

Mustard is used for meat dishes and is even included in Indian cuisine, often with curry. If you cannot find mustard powder in your grocery store or ran out when a recipe calls for it, there are a few substitutes out there that can be used.

Substitutes for Dry Mustard

Prepared Mustard

This is pretty much the wet version of Mustard as it is made by combining vinegar, water, and dry mustard. However, if used as a replacement, you need to consider the proportion that is to be used so the original flavor of the recipe remains unaffected. For every teaspoon of mustard powder, 1 tablespoon of wet mustard can be substituted. You must also reduce the quantity of liquid in a recipe by a tablespoon. This substitute is best used for making dressings and vinaigrettes

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seed is basically dry mustard in its whole form. A grinder or even a mortar and pestle can be used to make your own dry mustard from these seeds. Crushed mustard seeds are excellent to use in dry rubs, pickling liquid, or even stews -- keep in mind that crushed seeds may be too coarse to have the same emulsification that one might get from using dry mustard powder.

Turmeric Powder

Native to the Indian subcontinent, the Turmeric plant and the powder which it is derived from is a common ingredient which is found in Indian and South Asian cuisines. Its flavor is warm, bitter, and peppery and has a vibrant yellow color. This spice is a good substitute for dry mustard especially for making dry rubs and seasoning soups. You can substitute the ratio of 1:1, which means to substitute the same exact amount of Turmeric for dry mustard. Turmeric also has medicinal properties and will add to the nutritional value of the dish.

Wasabi Powder and Horseradish Powder

These powders are good substitutes for ground mustard. Wasabi powder is made from the roots of the wasabi plant, also known as Japanese horseradish. Both Wasabi and Horseradish belongs to the same family as mustard. These powders are hot and considerably spicier than ground mustard. These powders can be used to make vinaigrettes and dips. However, you must use much less in quantity when substituting for ground mustard.

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