Cooking Hack: Red Wine Substitute


Red wine is a popular ingredient used for cooking. When used in a dish, it adds a complexity of flavor that only wine can bring. But what if you do not have access to red wine in your pantry? What is a good option for red wine substitute if you are looking for a non-alcoholic ingredient for your cooking?

The following are options for red wine substitutes but it is important to test the ingredients first as they might slightly affect the flavor of the dish.

Red Grape Juice

Using red grape juice as red wine replacement for cooking seems like an obvious choice. It has the same color and flavor profile as red wine does (except for the alcohol content). For this reason, red grape juice is a great substitute.

When replacing red wine with red grape juice, you can use an even 1:1 ratio. You can also opt to incorporate a splash of white vinegar as it will help to add more depth to the flavor of the grape juice while also cutting back on the sweetness. The use of vinegar will also aid in helping to tenderize the meat used when cooking.

Red Wine Vinegar

For obvious reasons, red wine vinegar is another excellent red wine substitute for cooking. It is made from red wine and has the acidity that vinegar adds to the dish. Red wine is naturally sweet but red wine vinegar is a bit more on the acidic side. Make sure to consider the dish you are making if you ever try this out as an alternative to ensure that you don’t alter the flavor of the dish.

Cranberry Juice

Aside from red grape juice, cranberry juice is another potential substitute for red wine for cooking. Only use this one, though, if you cannot get your hands on red grape juice (the best alternative). When using cranberry juice for cooking, go for the unsweetened variety; otherwise, your dish will turn out too sweet for your liking.

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