Cooking Hacks: Best Summer Savory Substitutes?


Summer savory is an herb that is widely popular in the Mediterranean. It is used to season meats and bean dishes as it’s peppery and piney flavor goes perfectly with mild flavors without it being overwhelming. Its flavor profile is a cross between mint and thyme. It’s also one of the additions in herbs de Provence and is used in stuffing. Summer savory vinegar is also one of the most popular condiments in ancient Rome.

Summer Savory Substitutes


Like Summer savory, Thyme hails from the Mediterranean region and can hold up to longer cooking times. Both of these herbs share a minty, yet pungent characteristic -- the difference is that this herb is much easier to find than Summer savory. They are so alike that some people mistake them for one another. You may use the same amount of thyme that your recipe calls for.


Another herb from the Mediterranean, Sage is quite similar to summer savory when it comes to its flavor profile. The leaves of Sage is much wider and larger than savory and thyme but provides the same piney and pungent notes. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re substituting this herb is that you can only use fresh sage as a replacement. Use the same amount your dish calls for.

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