Cooking Hacks: Best Tarragon Substitute?


Tarragon likely achieved its lofty position from its prominence in French cuisine. Tarragon has a very distinctive anise or licorice flavor- and only the leaves of this herb are edible. Tarragon pairs perfectly with seafood, fruits, poultry, eggs and most vegetables, as well as sauces, particularly bearnaise sauce.

Found a recipe you'd love but calls for tarragon and don't have any on hand? We've got some great tarragon substitutes for you.

Tarragon Substitute Dried for Fresh

Your first instinct may be to substitute dried tarragon for fresh if you’ve got some on hand. While there’s no harm in trying a tiny bit to see if it works with the dish you’re cooking, you’ll most likely be disappointed with the results. Fresh and dried tarragon actually have very different tastes and will not lend the same flavor to your recipe.

Fresh Tarragon Substitutes

Should you find yourself in need of a substitute for fresh tarragon, there are several options you can choose from to effectively season your dish.

You can substitute the fresh tarragon your recipes calls for by adding an equal amount of your choice of any one of these herbs:

Chervil Fennel fronds Basil leaves Fennel Seeds (1 tsp per tablespoon) Anise Seeds (1 tsp per tablespoon)

Dried Tarragon Substitutes

Any of the following herbs can be used in an amount equal as a tarragon substitute:

Marjoram Oregano Rosemary Dill Basil Fennel Seeds (1 tsp per tablespoon) Anise Seeds (1 tsp per tablespoon)

If you prefer not to use tarragon because you don't love its licorice taste, you can replace this ingredient with basil, dill or marjoram.

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