Best Triple Sec Substitutes

Triple sec is a strong yet sweet, orange-flavored liqueur made with real dried orange bits and peels. Available in both non-alcoholic and alcoholic variants, and with alcohol volumes ranging between 15% and 40%, this unique blend of alcohol is perfect for citrus-lovers and is a staple in bars, clubs and hotel lounges all over the world.

First introduced in the 19th century in France, triple sec has been arguably the most used and widely-known variety of Curacao liqueur. This drink has made its way from being a simple clean drink to a cocktail complement, to being seen in food recipes. From the best-tasting cocktails to scrumptious cakes, triple sec is a must-have item for parties.

Since triple sec is a variety of Curacao liqueur, there are other orange-flavored liqueurs that can be used as a substitute should a recipe calls for it.

Triple Sec Substitutes


Known as the original orange liqueur, Curacao liqueur was traditionally made with dried lahara (bitter orange) peels. Popularly used for beautiful cocktail and shooters. Available in clear, green gold and blue color options, this liqueur is the perfect substitute for triple sec recipes. What makes triple sec different is its dryness.

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is considered to be the hybrid type of orange liqueur, as it is a blend of triple sec and Curacao. Made with cognac, sugar, and distilled bitter orange essence, this drink can pass a substitute for triple sec whether as a straight-up drink or as a cocktail mix. This is also the best substitute for French desserts such as crepes.


While grenadine is more of a flavor enhancer than an actual drink, this sweet, aromatic liquid is the perfect substitute for non-alcoholic triple sec recipes. The flavor comes from ripe and rich pomegranates, and it’s commonly used to sweeten alcoholic drinks that are too strong. Also works well with dessert toppings.

Orange Extract

Considered to be used as a last resort, orange extract dissolved in alcohol can make up for the missing flavor in mixed drinks and food recipes. This also goes well with cakes and desserts especially if the recipe calls for triple sec.

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