Best Turmeric Substitute?

The next time you find yourself running out of spices, here are the following turmeric substitute.

Best Turmeric Substitute?

If you want to cook something and you find yourself lacking turmeric powder, don’t worry! You don’t have to run to the nearest grocery store to buy it because there are various alternatives that you can use and what’s more delighting is that you can find it in your kitchen! The next time you find yourself running out of spices, here are the following alternatives for organic turmeric powder.

Best Turmeric Substitute

Best bets: Saffron threads or Madras curry powder
Second options: Ginger powder or cumin seeds
Not bad: Yellow mustard seeds

Best bet: Saffron threads

Saffron threads are a great alternative for turmeric because of its high level of repute. It also has a similar color and flavor to the Turmeric powder. However, this alternative is rather expensive. It’s only convenient if you have already bought this ancient spice and its sitting in your kitchen, waiting to be used. Just like a turmeric powder, the saffron powder generates a yellowish orange color when mixed with the food. You will not be able to distinguish a turmeric powder from a saffron powder because of the similarities!

Madras Curry Powder

You are frustrated because you don’t have a turmeric powder nor a saffron powder. There’s no need to worry about. All you need to do is to find the curry powder sitting in one of the kitchen cabinets. Typically, Madras curry powder is a combination of various spices, including the turmeric powder. Hence, it can further enhance the taste of your dish if you mix it.

Ginger Powder

If you really don’t have any spices sitting around in your kitchen, try ginger powder instead. Ginger belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, rest assured that it is rich in anti-inflammatory components. This is an ideal substitute if you are planning to use the turmeric powder for its health benefits, not just for its color and flavor.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin is known for its tangy bitterness. However, this spice can be used as an alternative if you don’t have turmeric anymore. You could use cumin especially if you wanted to enhance the flavor and aroma of your dish, add a little spice and voila! You can mix cumin powder with garlic if you want a stronger impact on the aroma to your dish.

Yellow Mustard Seeds

Yellow mustard seeds are readily available in most local grocery stores. The seeds of mustards that generates a yellowish tint is a great alternative to turmeric regarding coloring complement. However, you should be careful in placing the amount of mustard into your dish because the seeds produce a much stronger aroma than of turmerics. Minimize the amount that you’re going to place otherwise it can ruin the taste of your dish.

High Quality, Small Batch Turmeric Powder

Ultimately, turmeric powder is a must-have for every cook or chef in their kitchen. Considering its health benefits, its ability to enhance the color and the taste, it’s not a surprise that turmeric is used in a wide variety of dishes. Hence, there’s no need to worry if you have run out of turmeric in the middle of cooking. These alternatives work well just like turmeric. Aside from that, it gives you a chance to experiment with your dishes and create your own recipe.