Spice Hacks: Best White Wine Vinegar Substitute?


White wine vinegar has a fruity and lightly acidic flavor profile and is perfect for adding a subtle cut of flavor complement hearty dishes. It is commonly used for dressings, marinades, and pickling.

White Wine Vinegar Substitutes

Rice Wine Vinegar

Rice wine vinegar, also known as rice vinegar, is a lightly acidic and sweeter alternative for white wine vinegar. It is commonly used in Asian cuisines and is perfect for light salad dressings and homemade pickled vegetables.

Apple Cider Vinegar

AVC is has a balanced sweet and zingy flavor. Fruity notes are often highlighted and alter the taste of a dish completely. It is a slightly more acidic and flavorful alternative than the subtle white wine vinegar

White Vinegar

White vinegar is considered a harsh vinegar because of its sharp sour flavor and harsh acidity. However, white vinegar can be mellowed out by diluting it with water and sweetened with a little sugar or honey.

Citrus Juices

If your recipe calls for a fruity citrus zing, it is best to add lemon or lime juice as an alternative. Do note that adding this substitute can greatly change the flavor of your dish and does not offer the same acidity as other fermented vinegar.

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